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Social Media Marketing - We are living in a new world, operating in new ways.

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Successful businesses are now based on models of inter-connectivity.  This poses challenges but also opportunities for our clients. Impi is continuously working on original and innovative ways to connect and engage informed consumers in this digital world.

As an online marketing agency this means endless possibilities and us taking a creative approach to impacting the lives of our customers and their customers.
We are most comfortable in the arena of Social Media and thrive on the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube and LinkedIn and others as key tools for relationship building, growth and retention


Penny de Villiers is a Director of Impi Social Media. Penny is also an author and recently published a book focusing on Personal Branding called Introducingu – ”How to market the REAL you, using SOCIAL MEDIA.”

IntroducingU, a division of Impi Social Media, helps people rebrand themselves and establish powerful online brands using LinkedIn and Social Media. She has been involved in branding and marketing large international companies and has also launched six micro businesses. She is a successful, popular public speaker and is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.

References from our clients

Although Penny is a service provider to me I experience her more as a partner than a service provider. She takes a true interest in my goals and ambitions and has an incredible style in marketing my personal brand professionally and authentically. Her involvement in my online presence has led to an unprecedented interest from people across the globe who connect with me on matters of mutual interest and business.

— Dr Steyn Hecroodt – CEO Lateral Dimension