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Your domain is like real estate, and we all know that when buying property, it’s all about position! Having digital real estate or a website, does not guarantee someone will notice you, you need search engine marketing. We use online advertising to drive customers to your website. We craft a pay per click strategy and Adwords campaign which has a winning online result. We define the correct channels, platforms and optimisation techniques which will increase your business revenue and get you results.
As an advertising agency in Cape Town we are often asked “How does pay per click work?”
Pay per click South Africa (PPC) is something used by all advertising companies or businesses who want to rank at the top of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
In a PPC campaign, we set a budget to advertise your website and then pay Google however much you wish to spend. We will then have them list your ads for your site at the top and right of the organic search listings. When someone clicks on your add, you pay the current Cost Per Click (CPC) from your budget. This varies according to the words chosen each word has a different value. Your advert runs for the length of your budget.



Some questions to think about…

Who is targeted by this online advertising Campaign?
What outcomes are you looking for through search engine marketing?
What criteria will determine whether your PPC Campaign is a success?

Our Google Adwords strategy provides options specific to language targeting, ad scheduling, devices. At the current explosive rate of progress nobody can predict the twists and turns which await us in the near future. But we can make sure that we are at the forefront, and that you remain pro-active.
Let us help you customize your Pay per click campaign.

PPC is it really necessary?

Online advertising can take may forms, however, Pay per click advertising has become an integral part of an effective marketing stragegy. Whether advertising companies or business owners the idea of paying for advertising is like driving a car, we just do it. Search engine marketing is where it all happens today. We all know the first thing we do is look down at our phones and goolge whatever it is we need.

Pay per click Souh Africa simply means that you pay Google or Bing to list your relelvant service.  Of course we are over simplyfying our story. As an advertsing agency in Cape Town this is where we come in. Is it necessary to advertise on Google? The answer is a question … do you want more customers?

What is an adwords campaign?

The term adwords is the brand name for the online advertising product owned by Google. In fact it’s Googles larges source of revenue. This is where our advertising agency in Cape Town features.

It is the technique in choosing and placing the ads as well as their relevance to the actual persons query that largely determine the success of your online advertsinging campaign.

Impi Social Media would love you to put us to the test.  We have an advanced team of professionals that make sure that all the right words are being used to get you the very best result.  The great part is no matter how we talk about PPC our search engine marketing techniques soon prove themselves in measurable results.

Online Advertising

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